Hackers will have direct access to top engineers in DeFi through Discord groups, workshops, and tutorials. The Chainlink Discord is the main location to network and find teammates (1-5 people per team) to build your project or help hack on someone else’s. 

To help you maximize the success of your projects, Chainlink will provide participants with help finding team members and experienced mentors, a plethora of educational materials for learning about off-chain connectivity, live workshops showcasing how to use Chainlink, and much more. Join our hackathon Discord to meet other hackers and start planning today!

We also encourage you to use the latest pre-built and proven Chainlink resources.

Judges from top projects across the blockchain space will review your work. This is an opportunity to win prizes and get your work in front of the most promising projects in decentralized technology. Many hackers have used Chainlink Hackathons to start work with top projects or launch their own entrepreneurial enterprise or DAO.


The first step is the biggest — REGISTER NOW to set yourself up for success.

Join the Discord.

Start exploring the massive list of resources and start planning your hack.  

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